Green Energy

Rethinking Mining Power Consumption

The mining industry in Australia consumes roughly 10-16% of the country’s total energy. As the mine sites continue to produce more volume, the energy consumption will increase. The energy consumption can is derived from 41% diesel, 33% natural gas, and 22% grid electricity. The diesel fuel is primarily used for mine processes such as beneficiation, machinery and vehicles.

Mining is energy intensive and uses a large amount of diesel fuel which creates large amounts of greenhouse gasses. These greenhouse gasses that create climate change will need to be recognized and reduced as agreed upon by Australia in the Kyoto Protocol. Reduction of carbonaceous gasses can be achieved by decreasing the amount of hydrocarbon fuel that is used on site.

Power supply is highly costly for mines and is consistently fluctuating in price, creating major consideration for companies to shift to green energy. As competitiveness of renewable energy sources increases mining companies are seen to be investing in wind and solar projects. These green energy sources are predicted to takeover fossil fuels in the coming decades. Particularly as an increasing number of companies commit increased sustainability goals and targets in portfolios.