What differentiates GGE from other firms is our unique combination of services. By integrating the skills and experience of our engineering staff, our teams bring greater efficiencies and service know-how to all client projects.

We work as a dedicated team and as a result, projects are planned, managed and completed in a timely, on-budget manner with few surprises. As a single point of contact for engineering deliverables, we offer total responsibility and efficiency in controlling costs at every phase.

Our services focus on helping companies become more sustainable. Through keeping up with the latest news and changes in the mechanical, engineering, mining, electrical, and design fields. We aim to help customers achieve better economic performance through improved climate action. This includes audits, testing, technical support, strategic planning, and verification of both existing and new projects.

Companies need to invest, innovate and transform current business models in order to protect long-term profit and viability. Sustainable disruptors is rising and global awareness is increasing, which in tern drives the expectation for increased sustainability efforts.

While attitudes vary across generations, countries, and industries, 85% of consumers have become ‘greener’ in their purchasing in recent years. Companies must act now to avoid obsolescence in the future.

Business Wire 2021

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The current global environment requires a new approach to how mining companies look at the way energy is being delivered to mine sites. The need for integrated design to create sustainable power systems is vital for future success.

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Renewable energy delivery systems in supply chains are needed to make an impactful positive change and improve global access to raw materials. The shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is paramount but has significant barriers.

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Each phase of commissioning varies with its focus and activities. Each phase also varies with the equipment involved. The three phases of commissioning are described further below with the intention of focusing on the required outcomes.

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